Monday, October 8, 2012

Care Packages

One day while the kiddos and I were out running errands, we passed a man holding up a sign asking for help. The kids asked why he was there, and I explained that sometimes when people need help, they ask, and it is really up to Christians to answer. But did I have anything to give him? No. That verse about sending people away empty handed and praying for them and thinking wrongly that that is true Christianity was ringing loudly in my head. 
I feel very uncomfortable with handing out money--I have often thought that having $5 McDonald's giftcards or something similar would be a good solution. I determined in that moment that we would not let another opportunity pass us by like that.
Then I saw a wonderful pin on pinterest linking to a blogging momma who had created care packages to keep in the car and give out. Here was a great solution! So the next time we went to Costco, we stocked up and then the kiddos helped me pack the bags. We included a copy of Isaiah 55, my favorite chapter of the Bible right now, because it is essentially a perfect word to anyone in need.
Introducing our first batch of care packages. Including:
Water bottle
Juice box
peanut butter crackers
granola bars
Rice Krispy Treat
Wet Ones
Isaiah 55
This time, I stuck with things that anyone might need--not just if they are homeless.
Other things that could be included:
flash light
toothpaste and toothbrush
chewing gum
other food items
On the way home from the Y the other day we saw a man with a sign asking for any kind of help. I stopped, turned off our Spanish podcast lesson, had the boy climb in the back and get a care package and handed it out the window. He blessed us as we drove away. It has been much easier to remember to pray for the man after handing him a little tiny bit of Christ's love.


  1. Such a great idea and a great way to send an important message to the kids.

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!!!! We recently came across a woman on the side of the road and *all* I had was a bottle of water. Not even a big bottle, just one of those tiny ones. I almost couldn't give it to her . . . it felt so insignificant to her need -- almost a joke. She was so gracious about it and I was the one humbled. I also determined I never wanted to let that happen again so I am all over this idea! :) Thanks so much for sharing this! LOVE. it.

  3. This is something my husband and I have been trying lately! At first I would just purchase small meals andhand them out while running errands, along with a Bible, but was discouraged when one man refused to take a Bible.. The care package idea is much more portable and probably more effective..thanks for sharing a great idea!

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  5. Thank you for this beautiful post! I saw it on Slightly Indulgent Tuesday - and it was the only link that caught my eye. It would be neat to keep a little journal of the days and times of when your family has the opportunity to give the packages away!
    Chrystal in Canada

  6. Love this! I used to do this but have gotten lazy. Thanks for the reminder!!!

  7. Love the idea of making up care packages for the homeless. I don't feel comfortable handing over cash either. If I have food to share I will, otherwise I avoid making eye contact. The one thing I might add at this time of year is a nice pair of warm socks and I like Chrystal in Canada's idea of keeping a journal, especially if you have kids to share it with.

    Sharing this on Pinterest, Facebook and my blog.


  8. What a beautiful and thoughtful idea! Love this! Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout! -- Trish

  9. So kind and warmhearted. I am going to do this with my family.

  10. I make these to have on hand as well. I always include gloves and during the winter months I also add those heat discs that you insert into shoes or gloves.

  11. I know this is a great idea and one I would like to further investigate. At the risk of sounding negative, it kind of irritates me that it was specifically for "Christians". I think that anyone can reach out regardless of their spiritual orientation. I do like the idea though and did something similar for my brother's company when he was shipped overseas.

  12. Great! Your sharing the love---I do this is Fort worth Texas. Reminder , do not put soaps in care pkg with food, it makes the food taste soapy and they throw it all out, baby wipes in a pkg from the dollar store are much better then soap---they don't have access to a shower normally , if they did they would be in a shelter where they get soap there. Spread the love ---people