Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Ideal Day

Prompted by an interesting post on a friend's site, I asked my hubby the other night what his ideal day would look like. His answer was extremely interesting and sparked a good, long conversation. Really the question isn't THE ideal day, it's just AN ideal day, so there's no huge pressure. We both ended up by saying with eyes wide with wonder, "We are pretty much living it, right now!" And that's an exciting place to be. It's really what I'm about here on Of Such is the Kingdom--the fact that parenting and growing by tiny sanctification steps is exactly the adventure God has for me right now--this is where the Kingdom work is, and I'm glad to be here.

So, back to that ideal day idea. What would yours look like? How would it start? Where would it end?
Here's a stab at one for me:

I wake up at 6 after 8 hours of sleep, and after a quick freshen-up and prayer with the hubby, I'm off for a morning run. Maybe seeing something like this along the way...
The sky slowly becomes beautiful blue, my phone is playing Bible.is an then maybe a little Collective Soul and I don't see very many cars. Once home, I pull muffins, ready made out of the freezer and fry up a bit of eggs and sausage. This is a breakfast that makes everyone happy as they drag out of bed to meet the new day.
Whether we are schooling, running errands, cleaning house or meeting with friends, everything goes smoothly during the day. We aren't running late wherever we go, and we have prepared and packed all that we need for each lesson or activity. This smoothness adds to our cheerfulness with each other. And we glorify God in all that we do.
Whatever we're doing or wherever we're going we're home by around 2 o'clock so that everyone (including momma) can have some down time in their room. I read some fiction--preferably something with fantastical animals, magic and adventure (right now we're reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire). After reading, everyone entertains themselves quietly for about an hour while I blog and read and try not to leave the couch at all. 
After rest time, everyone is eager and excited to play outside with neighbors and friends. I pull myself off the couch, with only a bit of regret, and get dinner started--something easy, like baked pork chops, seasoned rice and green beans.
Around 5 o'clock the hubby comes home and we get to chat and catch up while I finish up with dinner. He then goes outside to play a quick game of soccer in the yard with the kiddos until I call them all in for dinner. Dinner, showers, and bedtime go without a hitch and by 8 o'clock all three beautiful and clean children have been prayed with, sung to and are happily tucked in their beds, plenty tired enough to fall right asleep. 
The hubby and I are able to find the movie we've been wanting to see on Amazon and start it right away so that we're in bed plenty early--so that the next day can be much the same.
The only thing I would insert for an IDEAL ideal day would be this:
Around 3 o'clock the phone rings. It's Bethany Christian Services and a birthmom has just chosen us to be her baby's forever family! She's giving birth in a few weeks and would like to meet us soon. I hardly know how to answer but I'm shaking as I say "Thank you!" and hang up the phone. I quickly call the hubby and inform him and we prayerfully begin the next stage of this adoption adventure.

So what did I learn from thinking about my ideal day? Nothing can make a day ideal that can be purchased. Sure, a free trip to Disney World would make a great ideal day, but really the ideal-ness comes with the closeness we feel to God and others throughout the day.

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  1. Thanks so much for participating, Olivia. Loved reading your idea of an Ideal Day!
    Here's a hoping the IDEAL ideal day happens some day soon.

  2. Wasn't this fun?? :) Totally agree with that last sentence. And here's to hoping and praying for that phone call sometime really soon!

  3. I haven't thought of the ideal day thing in many years, when my children were young, so I'm sure it would be quite different now. All three of my grown (and mostly grown) kids living the lives they are called to live, and me, doing what I love most (in my after home school life), helping other people.
    To be a precise as you were I would need more time. Perhaps I will sit down and think about it some more. Thanks for sharing!