Saturday, September 8, 2012

History Update

We are using Simply Charlotte Mason's Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation for our family history this year. This is basically just a schedule for reading about men of these ages.
It's going really well so far. I have loved the fact that the daddy man is very involved, reading out of

I have added coloring sheets, graphic organizers, clips from video re-enactments and activities for each lesson.

Day 1
Alaric the Visigoth
coloring and using glitter glue on the "treasures of Rome."
To review the chapter, we asked questions and then filled out his Story Map graphic organizer.

Day 2
Attila the Hun
For this day, the hubby read about Attila and then asked questions about what he read.
We then reviewed a few things that Attila might have said through his lifetime and then made a quote box on our picture with sticky notes filling in something he might have said during battle.
We also watched a bit about Attila on the History Channel Decisive Battles Attila the Hun Part 1.

Day 3
Gaiseric the Vandal
This was the lesson where I got a bit creative and exercised our homeschooling status by doing something that could never (never) be done in a classroom.
While the hubby was reading about Gaiseric, the kiddos colored beautiful ships.
At the end of the chapter, when Gaiseric snuck up on the Roman ships and burned the whole fleet,
we took their beautiful ships out on the patio
and burned them.

The kids mourned their ships, but loved the excitement of watching them burned. We imagined what it would have been like to be a Roman soldier watching the night lit up with the entire fleet burning.
I don't know if they'll always remember Gaiseric's name, but I doubt they'll ever forget that "some guy burned the entire fleet of Roman ships." : )
We also made stick puppets of the Gaiseric, the Empress, Aetius and Boniface so the we could act out the interchange where Aetius tries to get Boniface in trouble and Boniface gets nervous and calls in Gaiseric's help. I acted it out (greatly paraphrasing the situation of course) for the kids and then handed out the puppets so that they could act it out for us. That went well, and I think I'll use that strategy again whenever it will work well into the chapter.
So there you have it. Week 1 of history in it's entirety.
What are your kids learning for history this year? Did you enjoy history classes as a child?

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  1. I love the way you really involve yourself and your kids in the learning! :) so fun! They are sure to remember.