Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Notebooks

Because life is uncertain and an adoption could happen any day, it seemed good to do a little more prep work than I normally might have for our homeschooling process.
Enter the notebook.
In the notebook, each child finds their worksheets for every day from now until Christmas. (Actually, they wouldn't all fit, so I took out November and December and will swap them out when the time comes. November and December are already in order, though.)
The first section of the notebook is for these days that we are easing into school and for resources, like the map shown below. There are also these honeycomb story maps that the kids are going to fill out for each book they read.
The map will chiefly be used for these daily worksheets, each of which has a state shape to identify, abbreviate and name the capital.

There is a daily sheet for every day from now until Christmas--15 weeks of them (skipping a fall break and a few days for Thanksgiving.) I'm hoping these sheets will warm us up for the day of homeschooling and keep us on task.
In the pockets of the dividers for each month, we have the Saxon meeting book sheet for the month that we can fill in with the dates to use for reading the days date and filling out meeting strips when we do them. (The meeting strips have What was yesterday? and What will tomorrow be? type questions.)
So, the work copied and put in the notebook for each day looks something like this
1. Daily Sheet
2. Writing Worksheet
3. Reading Comprehension Worksheet
4. Science Daily Worksheet
5. Math worksheets (1 lesson on Mondays, 2 on Tuesdays, and 2 on Thursdays)
6. Notebook paper for extra notes and writing
We might also add work as we go along: our coloring/drawing sheets from history, some of these cool graphic organizers for science experiments or Spanish worksheets.
Oh, and the little one will have her own notebook for days when she is schooling with us. She'll have worksheets and coloring sheets for each letter of the alphabet and numbers up to 20 and lots of pre-math type worksheets (matching, finding the different picture, etc.)
Happy Learning!
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  1. So organized! Color me impressed.

    And for the record, I can't figure out the skip counting sequence with the 5 & 25...

  2. I love how organized you are! Here's to a great year! :)

    First Day of Fourth Grade

  3. Look at so-organized-you! :) I'll bet that feels really good to have that done! Happy schooling!

  4. Looks like a great way to stay organized!

  5. I LOVE how organized you are!