Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shout Out

Can I just shout out to all those towns who have taken the time and money to put in splash parks for their citizens and guests?
When a momma is meeting grandparents halfway so that the grandparents can take the kiddos for a few days and give the momma time to prepare for homeschooling, and the momma and kids get to the meeting town a few hours before the grandparents,
what can a momma and kids do?
Well, a momma can use her nifty iPhone to search for "splash pads" and "spray parks" in the area, and unbelievingly, find an awesome one. Then she can get her kiddos some food and take them, their bathing suits and some sunscreen to play outside in 100 degree weather.

So, thank you medium-sized town in Kentucky for having the wisdom, kindness and forethought to install this wonderful spray park!

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