Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hot Days...Hit the Water

I have posted about our town's water steps before, but I finally remembered to take my camera, and boy, is it a picturesque spot! Everywhere I turned my camera, there was a beautiful shot just waiting.
This trip to the steps was a little different because right as we were arriving so was a huge group of campers. They were older elementary students and a group of them made quite a bit of noise and commotion. Our kids were pulled away from the chaos by the beauty of the big fountains and the boats on the river. Then from there they headed to some grassy steps that make up a walkway beside the river. It was hot, but quiet by the river, and we moms were grateful to follow our kiddos wherever they led us.
They, of course led us back to the water steps eventually. I love our town! 
p.s. Did I mention that all this fun was free? Since we moms packed a lunch (which we ate by more water in front of the aquarium) our whole outing cost us zilcho, nada, nothing. This is a sweet deal, if you ask me! Again, I say, I love our town!

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