Monday, August 27, 2012

Home School Room

So, we're starting in one week. Just one week from today.
Am I ready? you ask. 
Um, no. As a matter of fact.
But ready or not, it's coming!
One thing I am very thankful is set up and ready is a PLACE to learn.
At the beginning of the summer, I was whining about not having a separate room for homeschooling, when I happened to glance over to the other side of our family room and saw this:
Yep, that would be pretty much unused space. The hubby put his work laptop on top of that little table every afternoon when he got home from work, but other than that, this space was lonely and unused. 
It wasn't big, so I set off to find the perfect, smallish table for the space (on the internet of course).
And, lo and behold, ikea had just the thing--a table and four chairs for $150!
It was so easy to put together that even with the help of three children, it only took the hubby an hour to put the table and all four chairs together.
Woo hoo!

And the reveal...

I wanted a rolling cabinet of drawers, and again, ikea answered the call. This metal unit was a cinch to put together and cost $40. It houses scissors, markers, crayons, rulers, etc.
Oh, and that amazing roll of paper? That was free! My mom found it (long story) and passed it along. Some of that paper is gracing the top of our table and for the good of the pine wood top of the table and for the fun of coloring on it, we'll keep fresh paper there during schooling and beyond.
Notice that we have plenty of shelving. Right now there is a lot of fiction on these shelves, but those novels could find other homes as we accumulate more and more school books. And what better atmosphere for learning than surrounded by books?
It's not completely finished. To the left of this pic is a door frame that has a door attached that we never use. The hubby is planning to take that door down to leave a free wall in our schooling area. I'd love to put a huge home made chalkboard on that wall. 
There are tons of windows, too, so we have window chalk and paint for doing homework and lessons right on the windows!
Oh, and another thing I might eventually add would be a rug. This would make the space more cozy for cold schooling days. If this spot is visible as you walk in the front door, I would use a fun, colorful rug. But since that wouldn't really fit with the rest of the view from the front door, I'm stuck a bit on what kind of rug to use.
ikea table and chairs--$150
extra shelves--moved from another room
roll of paper--free
Total--$210 for the school room makeover

This week is all about school prep around our house, so I thought I'd make it all about school prep at the Of Such is the Kingdom abode as well.
Today: School Room
Tomorrow: School Lunches 
Wednesday: School Notebooks
Thursday: How the plan has changed so far
Friday: Back to School Picnic Party

Whether you are taking advantage of neighborhood schools, private schools, tutorials or schooling at home, HAPPY SCHOOLING!

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  1. I am so glad you have a space! I'm so glad we have our own place too. Although, we are usually all over the house, it is *so* nice to have a home base. Definitely thinking about that table though - we still need one of those! Your kids are going to have an awesome year, I have no doubt!