Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to School Picnic Party

Yes, I am crazy. And yes I did invite everyone we know with kids to a back-to-school picnic that we're hosting the day before we start school.
It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Ok, really. It is a good idea! I want to make going back to homeschooling just as fun as seeing your friends all in one place in formal school after a long summer break. So thus, a party.
And yes, there will be more than 30 kids there.
Thankfully, I have my wonderful hubby to help me and we have nothing else planned for that day except party prep. And all our school stuff is ready to go for the next morning, so
It's going to be loads of fun!!!
For the party, the hubby is going to have his grill and a borrowed grill all warmed up and ready to go, so everyone is bringing their own meat plus a side or dessert.
I'm making my easy guacamole with inexpensive Aldi avocados and our favorite kind of tortilla chips. I'm also going to try these easy homemade brownies:
They look yummy, I have all the ingredients to make several batches and brownies are a good crowd pleaser. 
I'll also have a big container of lemonade
(like what we had at the youngest's Garden Party)
For decoration we're going to have red tablecloths and I'd love to find some of these tiny baskets when we go out today
to stand pinwheels up in (that we've already made, thank goodness!)
Other than that, my only prep job is cleaning (of course) and setting up some fun yard games.
1. We'll have pillowcases out for races. 
2. My mom made the boy a cornhole set (with bean bags to throw in a hole on a board), so we'll have that to play.
3. We might do some kind of frisbee golf--just a couple of "holes" of it.
4. And yay! We're going to use these "sponge bombs" one more time before fall...
Oh, and we've asked some college friends to come and help out with the yard games AND we bought a lot of school supplies to give away as prizes.
Check back for pics of the party next week. : )
Happy Partying!

This whole week has been about prepping for homeschool:
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  1. This looks so fun! We're looking forward to it!

  2. Have fun and Happy Homeschooling!! Love you guys.