Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Activities

Summer Fun--Ten ideas with old faves like sitting by the pool and maybe things you haven't considered "fun activities" like visiting a homebound neighbor.
More Summer Fun--Pics of us splash padding and blueberry picking the summer away.
Fish Family Fun Night--Activities and Food centered around fish make a regular stay at home evening a memory!
Veggie Tales Family Fun Night--Yes, we had lots of veggies! That and a big bad apple. : )
Learning Stations--Why not set up several different games and call it stations? Have a timer going so that kiddos have to switch every so often.
Wit's End Activities--Play with beans, draw on the table and more ideas!
Window Chalk--Why not draw on the window. This chalk makes it (relatively) easy to clean up.
Make Crayons--Only have crayon pieces that are not much fun to color with? How 'bout making some new crayons?
Play with Ice Cream-- Word matching with ice cream helps new readers and would pair really well with the following idea for a themed family night. (Ice cream for dinner, anyone?)
Bagged Ice Cream--This is a list of 10 summer recipes including smoothies and make it yourself in a bag ice cream.
Take a Hike--My kids go to school about 2 miles away. This post is about how I ran to pick them up (literally).
Start a Picture Tradition--Our family's? The hubby and I kiss while the kids play at our feet. See them all here!
(first posted in June 2011)

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