Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ikea's Golden

 When we left my parents house after Independence Day celebrations, we headed to Ikea to buy some inexpensive furniture for our homeschool room (more on that later--it's awesome!) My dad couldn't help but give the kiddos some money for their shopping trip. I wasn't sure what they were going to find at Ikea--the last time I went with just the hubby on a date and hadn't really been paying attention to the kids' stuff--but when we got to the relatively small toy department area in Ikea, the kids picked up and tried out every toy and all three of them settled on the same exact toy--a stuffed Golden. Near the dog were some doggy clothes (not pictured here), so we got each of their dogs a different shirt/jacket/cape so they'd be able to tell them apart. Since then, these dogs have become the center of a lot of play. When I downloaded pics from my phone the other day, I found (surprise!) these:

This is one very expressive dog, don't you think?
Evidently the clothes on the stuffed animal was a very inspiring idea for our three. They dug through the doll clothes and every animal got a clothes (even the small dragon on the right there, see?)
Happy playing!