Monday, May 7, 2012

What to Watch

So I think I may have mentioned that the hubby and I are a bit addicted to a certain tv series right now. We pretty much put the kids to bed as early as possible and then get started and see how many we can watch before our responsible sides kick in and send us to bed. Ok, so we only do that once or twice a week and yes, we feed our kids dinner, I promise! When we mentioned our crazy habits to some friends, they offered some more suggestions--I guess they're trying to keep us addicted, or something. Here are the suggestions:

Lost--It's fun, has a few challenging deep themes ("Don't tell me what I can and cannot do!") and some interesting theology thrown in there for you to sift through your Biblical lense.

Foyle's War--This comes on recommendation. Evidently Foyle wants to be a part of the war effort during WWII, but is turned down for the army. So he continues doing what he does best--solving mysteries. Each of his mysteries has something to do with a real historical WWII event. The episode list indicates that there are 22 90-minute episodes.

Empire Falls is another friend recommendation. This is a two-part mini-series with some pretty big names playing residents of a small, declining New England town. The citizens of this town show their very real struggles and deal with issues of social status, trust and friendship.

And if you haven't seen this 30 minute video about abortion, yet, you are in for a very thought-provoking treat. Please, please, watch it!
Have a great week and enjoy the of doors as well as checking out some of these!

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