Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Menu

It's not technically summer, but my baking motivation has definitely clicked into summer mode. What does that mean? Easy, easy, and more easy. I bake less, I spend more time playing in the sprinkler (or lazing in the yard, really) than cooking. And this is a good thing. So let the summer cooking begin:

May 1, Tuesday: Baked whole chicken, salad, green beans, seasoned quinoa
May 2, Wednesday: cheesy chicken lasagna, easy parmesan knots, salad
May 3, Thursday: Baked Pork, Brown rice, Salad
May 4, Friday: Bethany Banquet, kids eat roll-ups* with babysitter
May 5, Saturday: YARD SALE! We're raising money for our adoption through hosting a neighborhood yard sale. It's going to be an 8 to 4 kind of day, and I know that loading up all the stuff that doesn't sell is going to take a few hours after that. We'll probably have salads and roll-ups for lunch, and homemade subways will be for dinner--deli bread, deli sandwich meat, cheese and lots of veggies for fixings.
May 6, Sunday: healthy baked chicken nuggets, green beans, mashed potatoes
May 7, Monday: Mexican Taco Salad
May 8, Tuesday: Pesto Pasta with Sausage
May 9, Wednesday: grill out chicken, summer vegetable tian, easy homemade french bread
May 10, Thursday: leftover grilled chicken salad, leftover bread
May 11, Friday: crock pot sweet and sour pork, brown rice, stir-fried veggies
May 12, Saturday: italian crockpot chicken (probably for lunch since we'll be going to an evening wedding and will probably eat munchies at the reception for dinner.) This recipe calls for lots of things I can't eat, so I'll be swapping greek yogurt out for the cream cheese and making my own cream of chicken soup with soymilk.) We'll be eating it over brown rice and with broccoli.
May 13, Sunday: Leftovers
May 14, Monday: ham stir fry
May 15, Tuesday: breakfast for dinner--pancakes and sausage
May 16, Wednesday: cobb salad
May 17, Thursday: Pasta Salad with ham
May 18, Friday: chicken and veggie kabobs on the grill, brown rice cooked in chicken stock
May 19, Saturday: zucchini and bean salad, green salad, bread
May 20, Sunday: Leftovers and Sandwiches
May 21, Monday: Taco Salad (again, I know, but it's our favorite meal)
May 22, Tuesday: Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Pasta (might try to get away with no meat in this meal...we'll see)
May 23, Wednesday: baked chicken, green beans, seasoned quinoa
May 24, Thursday: egg salad sandwiches, guacamole, chips, fresh veggies
May 25, Friday: Last Day of School for kids: grill out hotdogs and hamburgers to celebrate
May 26, Saturday: Company in town, Pasta Salad for a Crowd
May 27, Sunday: Fajita Bar--salad, chicken, beef, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, salsa, warm tortillas
May 28, Monday: Order out Pizzas, salad
May 29, Tuesday: cheesy chicken lasagnaeasy parmesan knots, salad (another repeat meal)
May 30, Wednesday: The youngest's birthday!! We'll be having sandwiches and tea at our garden party.
May 31, Thursday: Take it easy with some tuna salad, guacamole, tortilla chips, and crackers for dinner

whole chicken
three bags chicken breasts
canned biscuits
sandwich meat
lasagna noodles
can pineapple chunks
ham chunks
frozen green beans
frozen broccoli
brussel sprouts
greek yogurt
sweet potatoes
tortilla chips
kidney beans

shredded mozzarella cheese
shredded cheddar cheese
4 pork roasts
AP flour
sub rolls
dry ranch dressing mix


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  1. Your cheesy chicken lasagna is going on my list this week~ thanks for linking with Kids in the kitchen! It would be great if you could add our link :) We're happy to have ya!