Thursday, May 31, 2012

Garden Party

When your daughter is turning four, it's a good excuse to play garden party.
Thankfully, the whole family turned out to help with the decorating and preparations. 
(I needed all hands on deck for that last hour of prep!!)
Thanks so much to my sis-in-law for making the beautiful tissue garland roses--she is great at party decor! She used the roses to make a "4" plaque for the food table as well as a rose ball for the cupcake stand.
Look here for a detailed tutorial for those tissue garland rosettes.
(also thanks to my sis-in-law for some of these pics)
Check out my pinterest Birthday Party board for all of these ideas. *Almost* all of them are stolen. 

As one of our party favors and activities, the guests' moms' helped their daughters make beautiful garden party hats.
Another favor/activity was decorating watering cans with flower stickers.
Strawberry Lemonade was the "tea of the day."
The birthday girl's hat
the cake was made of watermelon
flower shaped cheese sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches and turkey sandwiches made a hearty snack/light dinner for our guests.

Our cupcakes sported fondant flowers as well as flower sprinkles.

Thanks so much to a friend who brought lovely flowers from her yard to make our garden party more authentic (and beautiful).
We used these baking cups
slipped on the lights on the tree for a magical garden atmosphere. (My sis-in-law just poked a hole in the bottom of the cups and slipped them on every fourth or fifth light.
All the beautiful hat creation
As a Thank You for coming... we gave each guest a packet of flower seeds. My mom printed a little label that said "Thank you very much for coming to our garden party!"
Happy Birthday to my four year old! It was fun to celebrate with all our friends.
happy partying!


  1. Hi, Just found your lovely blog. I had to comment on your cute Garden party. What a great idea and how wonderfully it looks like it all came together! I loved the watermelon cake!


  2. Interesting post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.