Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Garden Party Planning

Tomorrow is my youngest's fourth birthday. Four. That means she'll be out of the church nursery, going to pre-school, getting her ears pierced and a few more whirly years and she'll be driving and out on her on. Like the Sara Groves song, "I know this conversation's a little premature, it's just that I've heard 18 years goes by like a blur." I am so proud of my wee youngest, and in this year where we hope to make her a big sister at last, I couldn't be happier to be celebrating her turning the grande ol' age of 4.
So how will we celebrate? I think if I had left it completely up to her, she probably would have chosen a Tangled party or a Little Mermaid or other some such princess, which would have been fine, but with the alur of all the pretty parties being pinned on pinterest, I couldn't resist choosing the theme.
We're having a garden party.
So tomorrow, I'll be very busy turning our back patio into a garden wonderland (pending rain, of course...)
Here are the plans:

1. Flower poufs, both hanging from the limbs of the tree that grows on our patio and strung on banners.

3. Silk flowers, real flowers and pretty dishes.

I'll be using this recipe again. I really liked it for the sailboat cupcakes.
2. Watermelon Cake (made entirely out of fruit!)

turkey and mayo
sliced cheese
cream cheese and cucumber


(watering cans and flower stickers from Wal-Mart)
2. Decorate Garden Party hats
(hats on sale at the dollar spot in Target for $.30 each, silk flowers from the dollar store)

3. Each girl will also get a packet of flower seeds with a Thank You card as they leave the party.

I'll take lots of pictures and I can't wait to share the results with you!


  1. So pretty! Love all the beautiful ideas - have fun!

  2. This is a great idea. I really love the watermelon cake!!! The cupcakes were adorable as well. Stopping by from the creative hop. Hope you could stop by and follow me back. Thanks http://tootsabellarose.blogspot.com/2012/05/rapunzel-room-update.html

  3. how wonderful - cannot wait to see your pictures!!! thanks for linking with Kids in the Kitchen

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