Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to Make a Sailboat

Sailboat Party #2
Since I'm on the sailboat theme this week, I figured I would just stick with that.
(See yesterday's post for my plan for sailboat cupcakes)
Today's sailboaty theme is building one!
Again, taking much inspiration from my pinterest Sailboat Board--
Building a paper boat is easy, but what really made this work was using the maps. This is a great use for old atlases (poor unused things).
Ours have a mast made out of a skewer. After making the boat, add a bit of hot glue about 2 inches from the flat end of the skewer. Stick the skewer up through the center of the bottom of the boat and pull through until the glue catches on the paper hole--Hold steady for a few seconds while the hot glue hardens.
My blue sails are doubled and I made them by cutting blue copy paper twice the size of what you see--it's easiest to cut out a straight triangle, then fold in half and cut the curved bottom. The blue sail is wrapped around the skewer and glued using a little hot glue near the skewer and elmer's stick glue over the sail.
The red sail is secured using a thin line of hot glue.
The small red flag is doubled and wrapped around the point of the skewer. Secure it to the skewer with a tiny bit of hot glue and add a little elmer's stick glue to the flag to hold it together.
The hot glue makes the boats pretty sturdy.
Our fleet of boats will serve as decoration for a sailboat baby shower I'm helping with on Saturday AND they will make perfect little party favors.
Again, stealing ideas from pinterest pins, I filled my boats with candy lifesavers and added in some peppermints to stick with the color theme.

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  1. Well this is just too cute! Pinning to make with the boys soon. Thanks for sharing at Mom On Timeout!