Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Clean Closets

Remember that cleaning promise I made way back when? Well, I have been cleaning, just not posting as much as I thought. So today, for your viewing enjoyment, I will give you the clean closet tour of our house. I'm not promising that all my closets look this clean at this very moment, and really I'm not promising that these pictures show clean closets--just cleanER closets. (If you'd like the real tour of my home, come on in.)
We'll start with the entry-way closet. I count it clean if there's not too much on the floor and the jackets are mostly on hangers.
The oldest's "closet" is actually just a space underneath her loft bed. Her drawers were already there, but her hanging clothes were spread around in other closets. So I took an old mop stick and hung it with ribbon and tacks to the bottom of her bed. Now her hanging clothes are where she can see them with her drawers. We also organized her drawers and put labels so that hopefully my slightly scattered eight-year-old can keep her drawers neat. P.S. She also has a desk and a book shelf under her bed--it's truly HER space.
Cleaning closet--That little white shelf had been under the oldest's bed cluttering up her space. Moving it to this closet to hold our extra bathroom supplies was a no-brainer. Everything is much more accessible and pleasing to look at for all those guests who like to stare at my cleaning closet. Incidentally, when we had our home study, I knew that our case worker was supposed to see where I kept my cleaning supplies. I kept thinking she would ask, and she never did, so I opened the closet proudly and pointed them out. I had cleaned it and I wanted to show it off!
The hallway bathroom closet. There's something about the way these shelves are so deep that makes them very hard to keep neat. Here's my best stab at it.
This is the one I have to say can only loosely be called "clean." Mine and my hubby's closet is the place for storage, ALL of our clothes, shoes, my scarves, etc. And did I mention that it is an incredibly awkward shape and has old pipes for hanging clothes? So anyway, I think that these hanger things are making the best use of hanging space, but the rest of it is just the best we can do right now. The funny thing is, I remember the previous owners of this house opening this closet to show it to us and it was a huge mess! I remember vowing to never let it get like that. Now I understand completely. They probably moved because there was a better master closet in their new house. : )
Last but not least the garage/basement. It's not really a closet, but I did work to organize and clean it, so I'm showing it off here. See the fancy duct tape? That's so the kids can return their play things in an orderly manner. Does this happen? Not really, but the tape still looks awesome, don't you think?

So there's a bit of the cleaning that's been going on around here. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Now that you are an expert can you come to my house and do the same? Spring Cleaning gives Spring a bad name!

  2. I've totally been there. Thank goodness for Sterilite.

    Have a great WW

  3. Bravo--hard to do and harder to keep up with.

  4. I need to do the same thing too again. I will soon.

    Thanks for the inspiration :)

  5. I totally needed this motivation! I like how you use a ton of plastic tubs! Thanks for linking up to Things I Love Thursdays! :) Maria

  6. What a great use of duct tape! Love it. We're also trying to reconfigure our clothes closet (which is also for linens and our baby's clothes and toiletry storage and our water heater…).

  7. I love the idea of using duct tape to mark your kids' parking spots. What a great idea! I'm definitely inspired to get to work on our scary closets.