Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Packing for NYC

It's getting a little random here on Of Such is the Kingdom as we handle several things at once:
**Cleaning for the Home Visit for our Adoption (more pics to come)
**Easter (Christian Seder Meal, Easter Garden)
**The opening weekend for October Baby, which I can't recommend enough for its amazing message on the sanctity of life.
And then there's today. What will be today's focus? Something totally different:
A trip to NYC!
In college I had two room mates. One of them now lives in our town and we see each other pretty often. The other lives in Colorado. Usually the Colorado chico comes to visit us here, but this year the town roomie and I decided we would visit Colorado chico. But, it just so happens that Colorado chico is visiting her sister in NYC this week. And so she invited us to meet her there instead.
Amazing idea!
And so we looked at tickets, and they were affordable.
And we got tickets to Wicked, and they weren't quite as affordable, but we got them anyway.
And we're going; we're really going! AAHH!
So yes, I'm packing with all my best brain power...right after the home visit is finished tomorrow.
Here's some of what I'm packing:

the famed purple skirt

Forgive the messy pics--I was lazily snapping pics with my phone to pass them on to Colorado chico for her opinion.
I'm a teeny bit excited about this; can you tell?
Oh, and the great thing? Thanks to T.J. Maxx and an As-Is Shoe Store, I got the coat, blue dress, clutch and cream sweater for a total of $40! And the two pairs of boots were a total of $23!
And the black skirt in that bottom pic? See it here and here (and pretty much every other day, if I'm honest!)


  1. YOu have so many amazing things going on!!! So excited to hear more about the adoption.

    So jealous that you get to see Wicked!!

  2. You're going to have so much fun! I love all your outfits. I'm so excited about your adoption — what a blessing!

  3. I live about 20 mins from the city. You will have a great time, enjoy the show and the city!!!!!!!!!

  4. NYC! I get excited very time I go. Have a "wicked" good time ;) Here in Boston, that means a REALLY, REALLY good time!

  5. Your Colorado roomie is so blessed and excited to be meeting up with you!!!!!!!!

  6. EEEEE!! So excited for your NYC adventure. Looks like you're going to look super cute as you tour the city.

    ENJOY! I can't wait to read all about it.