Friday, March 2, 2012

The Blogs I Frequent

When you spend time here, on this little thing we like to call the internet, you make something like friends. Or something in between friends and shops we like to visit. So anyway, I thought I'd share with you a few of those bloggy friends I've made.

Katherine Marie's: this is a mom-photography blog--my favorite thing about her blog has always been her themed weeks that she does with her children. They are wonderful and the pics she takes of them are incredible!

Don't Waste Your Homemaking: This one is a bit like Of Such is the Kingdom--eclectic tips and encouragements for the parent

Project Alicia: This is another blog by a mom/photographer, but the blog itself is more focused on her own becoming. Her pictures are awesome and she's taught me not to be afraid of posting my own pics on my blog.

The Activity Mom: Tons (and tons!) of toddler and baby friendly activities from one mom to another

Graceful Abandon: Another eclectic mommy blog of tips and recipes and mom advice

A Holy Experience: This blog is a very popular one which usually turns me off, but I do enjoy her suggestions for family life--especially her outlines of how she celebrates holidays with her home schoolers

Once A Month Cooking: This has a great data base for recipes and almost every recipe comes with directions on how to freeze it for later.

Good Cheap Eats: Another foodie blog

Kendi Everyday: Yes, I'll admit it; I check Kendi's blog almost daily. She's stylish and super funny and it's one of those things that I do that feels like a daily treat.

Discover.Share.Inspire. This is a new blog for me, but I'm fascinated! This family has declared themselves nomads and is now traveling from Alaska to Argentina in a truck. Oh, and did I mention they have 5 children? Their adventures are crazy and fun and they're very real about the good and bad of being a travelling family.

We Are That Family: Another momma sharing her daily life, joys and struggles

So I see that I'm attracted to mostly mommy blogs, mostly those writers who write real--you know, the kind who are not afraid to write bluntly that they have messed up--and blogs that encourage rather than discourage on this walk of parenthood. I'd love to know what blogs you love...


  1. Hey, friend. Thanks for stopping by el blogarino the other day.
    I've been getting to know a few new "Chicago" {shocker} themed blogs lately. It's fun to learn tons about the city and make new friends.
    Hope you guys are doing well. :)

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