Thursday, February 9, 2012

What We're Reading

We love to read, read, read and read some more around our household! Here's another list of what we're reading these days:

A Bible study I'm a part of picked Holiness out to read, and I'm glad they did! I've only read the intro and the first chapter, but already I'm being challenged. In the first chapter, Ryle talks of our human condition of denying the "sinfulness of sin," and that if we could just see sin as God sees it for one moment, we would be forever changed. And, he says, "We need not be afraid to look at sin, and study its nature, origin, power, extent, and vileness, if we only look at the same time at the Almighty medicine provided for us int he salvation that is in Jesus Christ." Good stuff!

I just read the first two Harry Potter books to the two older kids as a read-aloud. Now that I'm finished with The Book of God I intend to read through the rest of the Potter books--my excuse is to mark them for which age the oldest can read them, but really I just enjoy them and want to read them again.

The Mystery of  the Biltmore House is our current read-aloud. The oldest got a few of these "Real Kids, Real Places" books for Christmas. The writing is not the very best and the plot is a little slow, but the all the facts about the real place make up for both of those. We've enjoyed supplementing the book with pictures and videos from the internet about the Biltmore House.

As you have probably read here, our family is in the adoption process. We hope to adopt domestically, and we can't wait to welcome our fourth child home! The hubby and I are working our way through Talking with Young Children about Adoption. This book has taught me much about the process of sharing adoption with your adopted child gradually and naturally throughout their life. It has also revolutionized my view of play. Why have I never known that children share emotions and viewpoints through their play that maybe even they themselves don't know that they have? The two very intelligent moms who wrote this book share how through playing with your child you learn where certain behavior patterns are coming from. Wow! I have always had trouble just playing with my children, but this has renewed my motivation to do so. 

The Bark of the Bog Owl is our next read-aloud, and I'm excited to read it again. This book is a retelling of the David story in a fantasy setting. I didn't even know I was reading about David until he fought the giant and it all clicked! I've never again read the story of David in the Bible without thinking of this story. The author did a great job imagining how his main character would have felt throughout the story.
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