Thursday, February 23, 2012

Outside Play Worksheet

I don't know if anyone actually has slow days this time of year or not. But, since we homeschool, these occasionally happen. I am so thankful for them! I wouldn't change them for the world, but I do sympathize with the kids sometimes when we've had a few in a row. I know they have a million toys in their room and I could always let them play a computer game or two, but sometimes I want them to bust their boredom outside. Sometimes this comes easily to them. They go outside and love it for hours. Sometimes I join them and come up with things for them to do. 
Sometimes, though, they just need a plan for their outside adventures. That's where they Outside Play Worksheet comes in.
I think you'll be able to view this but not change it on But you can make your own with the "story board" template on Pages or probably just draw one out on a blank piece of paper. I have the following activities listed on mine:
Activity #1: Play Soccer (Play a little soccer and then draw a picture of yourself playing.)
Activity #2: Jump on the trampoline (Jump and then draw a picture of your best jump.)
Activity #3: Play on swing set and fort (Play and then draw your favorite thing about the fort.)
Activity #4: Pick flowers (Find at least one flower, draw it and save it to bring inside.)
Activity #5: Play with Dixie {our dog} (Throw Dixie's ball/stick then draw a picture of Dixie.)
Activity #6: Hike the trail and bring back one object you find (Draw a picture of what you've found.)

This could be P.E., art, and science for a homeschool day.

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