Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Visit the Past

One thing that always surprises me about the children is when they beg, beg, beg for stories about our childhood. And they love stories about the hubby's childhood even more than stories about mine.
The hubby has always told them about visiting a certain park repeatedly with his Grandpa as he grew up. It's where his Grandpa taught him to skip rocks.
It's where a love for hiking and nature was encouraged.
And it's where we were able to take a lovely walk with the kids while we were visiting at Christmas.
A few things have changed--
like the old trail now being a paved sidewalk,
but many things haven't.
We wondered at how there could still be flat round rocks just laying about at his old favorite place to skip rocks. Imagine the hundreds, even thousands of rocks that have been skipped here.
The hubby was truly in his element as he taught his oldest two how to hold, throw, and skip rocks over the water. 
And I was in my element as I snapped pics and watched, beaming.
Loving every moment.


  1. Wonderful. Try as he might, my dad was never able to teach me the art of stone skipping. But we enjoyed each attempt together.

  2. Lovely walk with the family...

  3. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for linking up so I could come take a peek!

    Green Momma

  4. I am so not good at skipping rocks, but love this story! Wonderful.

  5. this is beautiful! I love to show our kids places from the past and watch them fall in love.

  6. What a beautiful window into the past for your children to connect with!

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. So glad I found my way here from WFMW!

    My kids love stories of my childhood as well, especially stories that involve me getting in trouble or breaking some kind of rule like staying up late with a flashlight in my bed.

    Nice meeting you.

  8. Aw. Love this. Such a wonderful thing to pass down favorite pastimes and stories from our past. Happy belated WW!

  9. Nice! You're inspiring me to tell some stories today.

  10. Beautiful photos, beautiful family:)

    Visiting late for WW! Here's my share- hope you can stop by:)