Friday, January 13, 2012

Silver Shoes

You might remember that my youngest was an angel. And for some reason I felt like she needed sparkly silver shoes to make her angelic. We looked at several shoe stores while out one day and couldn't find any in her size, so I took the  matter into my own hands, and she's been wearing the result almost daily since. They aren't perfect (not really angelic material, I guess) but she loves them and they were free, so that's a definite plus. 
In the attic we have a gigantic box of old shoes. (GIGANTIC!) Most of them are well worn, but this is the box I go to when I notice the youngest's shoes getting a bit tight. Or when I need a pair of shoes to sparkle-fy.
I cleaned the shoes as best as I could then I:
1. Coated them with tacky glue.
2. Covered the glue with silver glitter.
3. Sprayed the whole thing with spray adhesive.
There may be better ways to keep the glitter from getting everywhere, but I had all this on hand. For the first couple of times she wore the shoes, she still made glitter trails all over the house, but they've settled down now and she only gets glitter on something when she actually rubs her shoe against it (somehow this happens to my dress every Sunday as she wiggles in my lap during church). 

Glitter everywhere! Some people (i.e. the hubby) have a thing about cleaning up glitter, but somehow to me it's a bit like cleaning up magic, and I really don't mind that we still have little sparkles between some of our old floor boards in the kitchen.
And I guess they did make her a bit more angelic for our home Christmas pageant.

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  1. Wonderful! I can just imagine how much fun she had with them on :-)

  2. Very fun! I think my five year old would love that idea!

  3. This is so cool! Perfect for D2F link up today! I love the look of the shoes and the obvious joy you got out of mAking them for you adorable little girl :). Thank you for inspiring me with this!

  4. Oh, this so did make me smile! They are precious and I bet so special because Mommy made them! Way to go Mom! Enjoyed reading your blog!