Saturday, December 3, 2011

Paper Snowflakes and Wrapping Christmas Presents

I love presents! I love to buy them, wrap them, see them under the tree, and I love to give them away. (And of course I love to receive them as well.) 
One of the beauties of Christmas is the excuse to do all of the above.
This year I realized that I had a whole huge roll of brown paper and a little bit of last year's green wrapping paper left over. I decided not to buy anything (except red and green ribbon I'd already purchased) to wrap our presents. One of the ways I spruced up our brown paper is with the above snow flakes. It's amazing how pretty leftover scrap paper can become! 
Here's our result so far:
Happy Christmasing!


  1. Beautiful! Blessings from 6WS.

  2. So cute!! I love gifts wrapped in brown paper. I think it gives them an elegant look!

  3. Those are my most favorite kind of snowflakes!

  4. thanks for stopping by!
    I haven't made paper snowflakes in I don't know how long! What a great idea to put them on the presents as decorations I had never thought of that!

  5. Very good idea to use what you had and to decorate it like you did! I remember making lots of paper snowflakes when the kids were younger, so much fun to do! I also remember wrapping gifts early in the season and forgetting what was in there by Christmas Day. It was fun to see the kids opening the gifts so I could remember what I had given them!

    Enjoy preparing for the rest of the holiday season!


  6. I love brown paper wrapping too! I love the rustic feel when using twine and old buttons too.

  7. I love the "brown paper packages tied up with strings" method of wrapping. I haven't bought wrapping paper in ages so between using up the old supply, using the paper sent by various charities, and then getting creative, it's a lot more colorful! Your snowflakes are beautiful!

    Thanks for playing 6WS.

  8. We love making snowflakes.... I don't know why I never thought of putting them on packages - they look so beautiful!
    Beth (TGIF)