Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best of 2011: 9 Dates Wedding Gift

Give dates as a wedding gift!
Give all nine or break them up for smaller gifts. 
(Or perhaps just go out and buy some of this stuff for yourself!)
From the top:
1. Mix-it-up Drink Date
2. Movie and Popcorn Date
3. Play a Game Date
4. S'more Lovin' Date
5. It's in the Cards Date
6. Candlelit Dinner Date
7. You're My Sugar Rush Date
8. Spa Date
9. Let's Go to the Park Date
I wrapped all of mine and plopped them in one of those large plastic (ice) bins. 
At $3-10 a date, this made a nice gift for some close friends. Any combination of these dates could be used depending on how much you would like to spend.
Happy gift-giving!

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