Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You Learn Something New Every Day!

I know this is not a super exciting picture for the "Wordless Wednesday" crowd, but I am excited about this new website my hubby introduced me to last night: Khan Academy. Evidently "he's got 3 degrees from M.I.T. and one from Harvard, worked on Wall Street as a financial services guy before quitting to teach," or says my hubby who is definitely in the know about these things. (And he knows how to use Wikipedia). 
Anyway, this Mr. Khan has made over 2600 educational videos and posted them on his site for anyone and everyone to view for free. The kids and I watched the one above this morning as we finished up our unit on our solar system. There are videos on all kinds of arithmetic, physics, history and finance concepts--and much more. 
I'm excited to find a site like this for homeschooling my kids and reschooling myself (and learning for the first time too). And I thought you guys might want to check it out as well. 
Happy learning!


  1. I've got to check it out. Graham is so into the Solar System right now.

  2. Oh, perfect! Our four-year-old's always asking to see videos of things like that. Thank you!

  3. Hmm. Pretty neat! I wish he had more history videos.