Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Chronicle of An Incredible Week

This week began with an outing with all my children (and my friends and their kiddos too)--the older ones being free because of fall break.

If you didn't yet know, my hubby was born and raised in St. Louis and he is an exuberant Cardinals fan. Our last two weeks have been exhausting but fun as we surprisingly have been treated to a Cardinals post season. When the Cardinals won on Sunday night, my hubby was in a state of rapture. And when he discovered that we had the opportunity to GO TO THE WORLD SERIES GAME (you can't even think that phrase without it being in caps, you see), our week was instantly scrambled. Instead of a fall break here relaxing, we would hop in the car and go to the big STL, visit the fam and see the game!
It really was incredible. The mood in the ballpark was about 10 times what it is in a regular season game. And after the win (we went to the first game, thank goodness!) the crowd chanted and yelled and high fived its way out of the stadium. And again I must say, the hubby was as giddy as a young child.
Last weekend my hubby's grandfather turned 85. His children (including my MIL) have been plotting a grande surprise for him for a while. He loves gospel music and one of his favorite singers is Cynthia Clawson.  The hubby's aunt happens to know Cynthia and asked her to come to STL for a private concert in honor of Grandpa's 85th. And so, on Thursday night, we found ourselves in the presence of a grammy award winning musician. She even invited Grandpa up to sing with her. It was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. Grandpa has alzheimer's and doesn't have the greatest short term memory these days, but oh, his face at singing his favorite hymns with one of his favorite musicians! It was definitely a treat! (One of the songs Cynthia sang for us was "Always," which was sung at Grandpa and Grandma's wedding. Download it for free at her website. I can't wait to learn it and sing it for my kids as a lullaby.)
But oh! The week is not done yet! On Friday we headed quickly home because I had a ticket to the Sara Groves concert that night. Before Sara, we were treated to music by Jenny &Tyler (click to listen--I love their style!) and Audrey Aussad (also click to listen--amazing!). And Sara and I go way back. : ) It was her "Just Showed Up for My Own Life" that God used to help with some crazy hard growth in my life about 6 years ago. And if you don't have her new album, you're late! It's out and you should have gotten it weeks ago! : )
So anyway, it's been one incredible week!


  1. thanks for visiting our blog (a corgi in southern california) and your kind comment! My gosh, what a week you had! One for the memory books indeed! I love the bridge the kids had to walk over on your outing, that looked like fun! And what a thrill to get to go to a World Series game! I'm sure your hubby will be talking about that for a bit! How sweet too for the birthday celebration for the grandfather and the special music! Indeed a very fine week!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. What a lovely and amazing week!

  3. WOW- You have had an amazing week! The World Series, how exciting for your hubs. I thought that it was so sweet seeing granpa singing with his favorite singer. My grandpa has alzheimers & it's such a sad disease. Hope this week is filled with just as many blessings for you friend :)

  4. Truly an exciting week!!!! No fall break can top that, can it?! :)

  5. Your pictures tell a beautiful story!

  6. What a week! How exciting is it that you got to go to the game? FUN FUN.
    Two more wins at home - Two more wins at home.