Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Highly Recommend...Staycating

A few weeks ago my husband had a week off, and...(drum roll please)...we stayed home. Gasp! Yes! You read right: a whole week at home and we didn't go anywhere. This has happened exactly twice in our nearly ten years together (stay tuned for an anniversary post next week). The first time it happened, we had a newborn and Christmas fell during our week at home. We did a lot of cozy days by the fire. This time we hit the town!
We hiked at a nearby tourist attraction.

We canoed at a nearby nature center.

We rode the Ducks through downtown and splashed into our city's river (and a few of us even got to drive it in the water!)

We biked as a family beside the same river--10 miles!
We ate out as a family a few times.
We swam at a friend's pool and played at some fun parks.
And what about the price of our little staycation?
Well, we paid $70 for the local tourist attraction, but since we're locals, that $70 didn't just buy us a one day pass, it bought us a three year pass! So I consider that $70 well spent!
We are members at the nature center, so the canoeing was FREE!
We participated in a library program and as a result got a lot of bogos for around town. The Ducks was one of those. We paid $45 for our family of 5. (Still kinda pricey, but it was worth it.)
Biking was free (well, by "free" I mean it didn't cost us anything after all the bikes and helmets and new tires and accessories that we've bought in the past years. You know how it works.)
Everywhere we ate we either used free kids' meals coupons from that library program or email promotions. We spent about $60 eating out three times.
And of course, swimming at a friend's pool and playing at neighborhood parks were both free as well.
So our grand total for our vacay? $175 Pretty cool for a great week of relaxation and fun!


  1. That is awesome...and encouraging for people to know that even in this kind of an economy families can still enjoy fun times together...even on a Staycation!


    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. I love staycations, in fact more often than not I prefer them to real vacations. I'm a real homebody and when my hubby comes home from work all I want to do is stay home. A finer thing, indeed :).

  3. Sometimes it's the simplest things in life that make you the happiest!

  4. This is so inspiring! Makes me want to look into what's available in our area!