Friday, September 23, 2011


Anyone else out there having a little bit of a problem with inflation? I mean the price of eggs, people! Sometimes I just have to close my eyes, reach blindly out and pluck the groceries off the shelf. It's really getting to be painful to see how much the basics have gone up lately.
Last month I had a monthly menu plan to try to help with the absurd spending for groceries. It worked all right, but the problem was, in order to make what I had planned to make extra grocery trips and therefor spent extra money.
This month, I was determined to avoid that problem. So I made a huge shopping trip on September first. Instead of shopping the sales and using coupons, I went to Aldi. I still had to close my eyes as I picked up eggs (used to be $.50!! at Aldi and now is more like $1.75) and cheese (used to be something like $1.25 at Aldi and is now $1.99!) but for the most part, everything is cheaper there. I bought enough meat for the whole month (mostly chicken and ground turkey, which would definitely get boring if we ate like this every month) and enough snacks for the kids to last most of the month.
And it worked. We've eaten really well, and other than sending the hubby to the store to buy ingredients for chili when we were having guests, we've only bought milk and eggs. So instead of spending the $100+ a week, I spent $200 once and maybe $20-30 a week since then. We even threw a party and stockpiled some Mexican meat.
So what's the conclusion in all this? If we had to, we probably could make it through a month with one grocery trip. This is good to know! Will I try this again? Yes! Maybe not every month but possibly every other or every third month. It is certainly a good feeling to escape the stress of seeing all those awfully inflated prices so often during the month.
What do you do to save money at the grocery store?
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  1. it is hard, isn't it? i was commenting on how the prices have gone up in just the last 6-7 years since i got married and started grocery shopping. i shop every 2 weeks, using sales/coupons for whatever ends up being cheaper than aldi, plan my meals around those things, and then use aldi to fill in as needed. we would spend about the same if i shopped just at aldi (filling in at walmart), but it would be the same old, same old. at least using coupons allows us some variety. we also had a small garden this year that helped...hope to do that again next year and maybe even a little larger.

  2. I wish we had an Aldi's around here. It sounds like an awesome place. As for me, I'm big on combining sales and coupons. I have a pretty good stockpile. In fact, when Hurricane Irene hit, I couldn't help laughing a little at the empty peanut-butter shelf at the store. Well, it was really a little sad to know that people paid full price for the stuff. I have at least 2 jars in my pantry that I got on sale, so if the power was out, we could live on PB&Js, LOL! (I also have bread in the freezer and lots of jam and jelly I made.) I'm no "Extreme Couponer," but I do okay for saving money. The best rule to remember is: "don't buy it when you need it, buy it at its cheapest and put it in your pantry or freezer."
    Those grocery store prices? Never mind that they've gone up. What annoys me is that the containers are shrinking and they think we don't notice!

  3. Groceries are ridiculous. I don't know how large families with kid all in school do it. For our family of THREE we spend waaaayyyy to much money on groceries each month. I say groceries, but some weekends its just Walmart because I don't want to go to the Health Food Store. I am so like you. I have just stopped looking at the price tag on certain items. My husband has a milk problem (lol) and combined with my 1 year old son, we buy FIVE gallons of milk....a WEEK.

  4. In my very frugal days I shopped Winn Dixie, Save A Lot, Dollar General, Wal Mart and Publix every two weeks for groceries. I made the dollar go far back then. But, with a job promotion, came more hours at work and was just too tired to run all over town to save I money. That's when Publix became my store of choice.

    Since I am now retired, and my daughter lost her job, we both have been shopping at Aldi's and you just can't beat some of their prices!

    A gallon of milk at Publix is $5.09, at Aldi's it's $2.99. And it's hormone free! We like their brand of Shells and Cheese, Shredded Wheat cereal, Brownie mix, laundry soap, toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissues, lunch meat, 12 grain bread, brats, cheese, Kettle chips and more. I still look to see if the item is from the USA and most of it is.

    There are still certain things I can't live without like Folgers coffee, my L'oreal shampoo, Crest toothpaste and Mitchum deo. But for those items I can use coupons and buy extra when they go on sale. Aldi's only takes cash or debit cards and they don't take coupons. But it is a huge cost savings to shop there!~Ames

  5. I read the prices you and others mention and then try to relate that to prices in Australia and think boy you've got it good. Eggs for $1.75 - I'd be cheering.

    Last price I saw at the supermarket was a week ago and they were $3.78 for 12 eggs. I have chooks so the price of eggs doesn't bother me.

    I try not to look at prices these days - too scary.

  6. I shop at Publix on E. Brainerd road every 1-2 weeks. Mainly because I love that store, plus my fabulous mom will watch the boys while I go shop and since she only lives a few minutes from there, it works out great. I've started doing some couponing which has saved some money. I'm certainly not an extreme couponer by any means. I'm rather picky about what I buy, so some coupon deals are on things I wouldn't buy even if they were free. For instance, I like to buy free range/cage free/vegetarian diet eggs since we eat those every day. I buy organic milk for Bennett and soymilk for me since drew has a sensitivity. And I probably spend more on meat (although we don't eat it but twice a week on avg) because I like to buy the antibiotic free/vegetarian diet chicken and beef. Publix has a good store brand of organics, so that helps me some. I certainly don't buy everything organic, but I do have some things I'm particular about. After reading your post, however, I'm curious about Aldi. Do they have any organic products? Sounds like you do really well there.

  7. Good for you guys! Grocery prices here in Canada are definitely up (milk and cream are ridiculous where I am), but for us, it's more the fuel costs. We're finally getting a bit of a break, if you call $1.189 per litre a break. Most of the summer it was in the mid to high $1.20.

  8. There are a lot of options that's for sure! We have a lot of them here...Aldi's is popping up everywhere's amazing !

  9. It is absurd how much grocery prices have been creeping up. I keep a filled pantry. I stock up on sales and with coupons and then base my menus around what I have. There was a time a few years ago in which I was so glad that I kept a full pantry. We literally had to eat out of our pantry. There was no money to buy anything. On an average week I would have less than $5.00 to spend on food for that week. So, I thank the Lord for giving me the foresight to plan ahead. This was a great post to share with us on Thrifty Things Friday. Thank you and have a fun weekend!

  10. Food prices are very scary. Since moving to the Great White North I have lost access to Aldi, over which I lament every grocery shopping day.

  11. Oh how I love Aldi!
    I'm not a huge fan of their produce though... BUT Aldi + the P&P make our grocery budget streeeeeeeeetch to a comfortable place.

  12. I was just finishing up a post about grocery prices. Eeek. They have gone up so much over the past couple months. So much for our budget.