Friday, September 30, 2011

Fashion and Frogs

So I got really dressed up in my pretty sweater yesterday...
(It's like wearing a big ruffle around yourself, and it will be a staple this fall and winter! And by the way it was bought at an off season sale for a song--how much is a song? Around $6!)
So I got dressed up like I said for a very important date with some...
of these critters. The oldest has been collecting them the last few days and yesterday she shared them with the youngest. I was a bit surprised to see my squeamish youngest go right to the little thing and love all over it, but I shouldn't have been. She is my social one and she just adopted those frogs as little people that needed love.
Speaking of that, I've been studying my youngest more lately. What are her learning styles? How does she go about living life? Other than the screaming--she has a slight fit problem--she is definitely the one of my children who lives for others. She can sense emotion around her (maybe that frog was feeling a bit down) and she responds to it. Is someone sad in the grocery store? She will give them a smile or a wave. Is her brother crying? She will give him an, "It's all right!" or maybe come and get the parent to give him more effective love. 
I'm having a bit harder time figuring out her style of learning. Anybody out there got a similarly affectionate child and have pointers? Her brother completely spoiled me because while I was teaching the oldest he would spend a happy hour dividing the blocks into piles according to color. No such luck with this one. 
Back to the fashion: Thanks so much to Emery Jo over at Moms Are For Everyone for hosting another great fall fashion week! I feel as if I barely participated, but I'm thankful for the inspiration it gave me to figure out what I have for fall and winter (and post a catalogue on the Of Such is the Kingdom FB page


  1. Cute "ruffle" and I just love your little one's heart for others! Someday, you'll look back on this stage and laugh and wonder when that little screaming person turned into such an empathetic supporter - sounds like she's making her way there right now! :)

  2. I've got no help for you on the learning style question... but I've got plenty of gushing and complimenting for you when it comes to that sweater! ANNNNNND I love your braided hair, pretty friend.

    Happy Friday to you and yours

  3. I love that sweater, especially with the pink underneath it. That little froggy is adorable, too!

  4. Loving your hair and ruffled sweater!

  5. awww...i remember catching spring peepers and toads and woolly bear caterpillars and who-knows-what-else in the lawn with my mum. even now, whenever i catch a frog or see a really cool bug, i text her a picture. your girl is adorable. =)

  6. Love that sweater. You look so pretty!

  7. just tell her all the blocks are sad because they can't find their matching color friends and she can help them get together :) Haha!