Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Beauty

No, not me, silly. Look down the page for the real fall beauty!
Funny how it's always the unposed pics that I like the best. Thanks to the hubby for taking a few pics of me the last few days and putting up with me saying, "Another one, please."
And yes, the chacos are for function rather than beauty--
who can resist hiking in all this fall wonderfulness?
And maybe that little corduroy number could be rated among the fall beauties. I bought it at a children's consignment sale! The one I frequent just started carrying junior's clothing and I picked this baby up for a mere $4. (Don't worry, I bought plenty of clothes for the kiddos too!)
Here are the real pics from our little walk yesterday:
More beautiful than the richest gowns
Fairies live here, I'm sure.
Old clothes left behind for our inspection
Blue sky fall beauty


  1. Such gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing. I love the pop of color under your jacket. And I agree, unposed pictures are the best.

  2. Beautiful walk, and I'm loving your corduroys!

  3. There MUST be fairies in those woods!!
    So happy you're participating this week.
    Nice find at the consignment sale. That jacket is adorable.

  4. i love your pictures, but i love your captions even more!