Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ah, Fall.

So the weather is cooler and that makes me want to:
A. take a walk
B. spend money
C. bake
Care to take a guess? Why of course it's all of the above, but the one my brain is focusing on this morning is definitely B. Why? Because putting together fall outfits suddenly has become a daily challenge. (And erm, I really would love to have those boots! (Only $278 which is about 8 times my current boot allowance.)
So if I could get up and put on anything I want, the above might be my pick for the day. Tall lace up boots, feminine skirt, loose shirt, and warm sweater would make my fall day! Layered of course because the afternoons can be quite warm, but cozy and cute all day long.


  1. great outfit!! order one of each for me too. haha.

  2. Love that outfit! The shade of brown is gorgeous.

  3. Yep, fall is allllllllways the toughest month for me to keep control of the purse strings. The layers of clothing, boots, sweaters, and tights are all just sooooo tempting. Thankfully the shopping ban is keeping my wallet closed and you know what? I'm not even having to go naked. Imagine that!

    I love this look and know it would look stunning on you, beautiful friend!

    {yay for fashion week participation}

  4. I would totally wear that! And you are right, fall just makes me want to spend money and bake!!

  5. Oh, those boots are wonderful... so perfectly fall. :)

  6. That is a super cute Fall outfit!