Saturday, August 20, 2011

Parenting: A Mysterious and Compelling Adventure

So they retired, settled down, had a few kids. In a way, they exchanged one life of adventure for another. trading espionage for parenthood, a mysterious and compelling mission in its own right. And, they were better off. The end...
From now on whatever we do, we do together. Spy work, that's easy. Keeping a family together, that's difficult. And that's a mission worth fighting for.
from Spy Kids

It almost seems like the script writer for that movie had read this quote from the President of International Justice Mission Gary Haugen, interviewed by Dennis Rainey from Family Life Today on July 1, 2005. First posted on Of Such is the Kingdom on August 9, 2009.

[The joy and the fun of our walk with Christ] begin by asking, in one sense, what am I training my children to go do? Am I training my kids to play defense, or am I training them for the purposes of playing offense? Because I think we give our kids all this stuff, and I do, I'm an earnest parent, so I give my kid shelter and food and nutrition. I give them education, and I give them structure and discipline and faith and the teachings of Christ, and I give them all these things. I think there's a point at which my kid turns to me and asks, "Mom, Dad, why are you giving me all this stuff?" And the honest answer for me, many times, as a parent, is to say, "Well, I'm giving you all this stuff so you'll be safe." And my kid looks at me and says, "That's it? You're giving me all this so that I'll be safe, so that nothing bad will happen to me?" And I think something inside them dies, and they either go away to perish in safety, or they go off to look to find the grander adventure in the wrong place. Because what they're actually feeling in their heart, I think, is the word of Jesus, which is saying to them, "No, I didn't make you for safety. I made you to go build my kingdom and transform the world." (Click here for the rest of the interview.)
So what Gary is saying is that we as parents must teach our children of the wonder, excitement, and yes, even danger, of being a Christian. So this is courage: that parents rear up their children to serve to the Kingdom, no matter what the cost.


  1. So very mysterious and it keeps following us no matter where we go!

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  3. visiting from 6WS. I so very much agree with what you wrote about raising kids to serve (and further) the Kingdom, no matter what, very wise words you shared here!

  4. I think espionage may be easier than parenting. This is only my opinion as a non-parent. And a non-spy.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!