Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Highly Recommend... Camp G & G

Two summers ago, my mom instituted Grandad and Granna Camp, or Camp G & G for short. The kids look forward to it all year and are twice as excited about it than they are about a regular old trip to Grandad and Granna's house.
Each year both Grandad and Granna come up with fun activities for the children. This year because of adding a 3yo to the mix, the camp only lasted three days, but they managed to fit quite a bit into those three days!
Granna had these things planned:
1. A trip (and picnic) to a local park with petting zoo, small train, and playground.
2. Paper mache boxes (magazines, glue, water, and boxes.) The kids loved ripping the magazines and finding interesting pictures to be their top layers.
3. Fun snacks hidden in Granna's handmade "wising well."
4. Swimming in the pool!
5. More snacks
6. Biking, scootering, and driving the Hot Wheels truck.
7. Playing in the basement play room (completely filled to the brim with toys!)
And Grandad added these:
8. Fishing and wading in a nearby lake.
9. Picnic snacks by that lake.
10. More swimming fun.
11. Movie night.
They didn't get to the making of the Camp G & G tee-shirts (an annual event), but Granna said she'd put them together and bring them the next time she came.
In years past the wonderful grandparents have made bird houses, taken the kids camping, taken them to a local theme park for rides and water slides, and made camp tee shirts with iron-on pictures from that week at camp. 
So, if you have willing parents, send a link to this post over and give them a little hint, hint! Because, when the kids are at Camp G & G, the parents are free! : )
(The hubby and I used our time by grilling out steaks, going out to eat and to a movie, and luxuriously returning early from our movie to watch another movie at home. We also had that rare thing called uninterrupted conversation.)
Another of the beautiful things about Camp G & G is seeing my kids at the end of it. Their shining faces as they explain all the magical places and fun activities that Grandad and Granna shared is priceless!
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  1. I wanna go to camp G & G! =)

  2. How precious. My parents need to read this. They are excellent at coming up with fun activities, but your parents have some good ideas too. The paper mache boxes sound fun. I am curious about Granna's wishing well. What is that exactly? Popping in from Things I Love Thursday.

  3. Do you have any idea how LUCKY you and your kids are?! That is AWESOME! Super kudos to G & G! =D

  4. Awh,I really do love reading you blog! I awarded your blog "The Versatile Blog" Award. If you swing by my blog you can check it out! Here is the direct link:

  5. Wow- I applaud them. I have to ask how many grandkids do they take in at once? Great post and thank you for sharing it on the Sunday Showcase

  6. That's awesome. We live far away from both sets of grandparrents. Your kids are sure lucky.
    Thanks for linking up at Bacon Time. The linky is starting in a few minutes and I have another surprise give away. Hope to see you soon.