Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Websites I Visit Often

1. Of Such is the Kingdom (had to throw that one in there!)

2. Pinterest I am really loving the fact that I can organize my internet findings on pin boards here. You are welcome to check out my boards. There is not much there yet, but I'm adding to my recipes (and yes, to my fashion board) regularly.

3. Polyvore I am not a huge video game player, but this is a game I get in to. You pick pieces for an outfit (out of thousands of choices) and create a "set" that can be saved and shared. I'm planning on sharing this one with my oldest as well. She'll love it!

4. Kendi Everyday You know how when you read a blogger regularly, you feel like you know her? Well, Kendi is easy to get to know. She blogs her outfit everyday, and she is original and very fun. Her writing is funny, and it brightens my day to read her. And you know what else I like about her? She's a big, successful blogger and she still uses blogspot! Hurray for keeping it simple!

5. Katherine Marie Photography I am still loving this blogger's colorful pics of her escapades with her children. Her themed learning weeks leave me in utter awe! She has a "Smile Campaign" where she and her children do random acts of kindness. Her blogging about that makes me smile, for sure!

6. Project Alicia Another photographer's blog that is definitely eye candy. She has encouraged me to make sure that (good) pics of myself turn up on my blog now and again.

7. Starfall The youngest is now using this to learn her letters and sounds. This is a straightforward, entertaining and educational site.

8, 81/2, and 9. Swagbucks, Mypoints, and Inbox Dollars These are all money making sites that require tiny time involvement and turn out gift cards to restaurants/stores or in the case of inbox dollars, and actual check in my mailbox. This is not about income or large amounts of anything, it is just about the occasional extra treat, which is very nice when you're a stay at home mom!

10. Allrecipes This is my go-to recipe site. If I can't find it here, I google it. If I ever pull out the old recipe books, I just get frustrated! One of my favorite things about Allrecipes (other recipe sites probably do this to) is that I can print the recipe in an index card style. I print them, use them a few times, lose them and then I can go back and print them again!
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  1. Hmm... I may have to look into some of those money making sites...

  2. Awesome list. I'm a Kendi fan as well. I'll be sure to check out your other sites

  3. I guess I will start stalking you now! LOL I will start with Pinterest!

  4. Checked out Starfall for my little one -- do you pay for the site or just use what is free? If so, which membership have you found helpful? Great post, btw!