Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun Mom: Bucket List

When I saw this blog post, I knew I needed to copy it! What a great way to put all that you aspire for your family down in one place. Traci Michele's post is a Bucket List for 2011, but I've made my bucket a big bigger. Here is our family's TEN YEAR BUCKET LIST. I'll be referring back to this post over the years and checking things off as we do them.
  • Take kiddos to Alabama Adventure (water and theme park) with my parents--this is one we're planning to do when the hubby is off in August.
  • If the youngest doesn't get into the local Mother's Day Out program (she's on the waiting list), gather a group of her little friends for a couple of hours a week for a pre-school lesson. I've done this before doing two or three letters per lesson and using games, coloring, food, and songs to "celebrate" each letter. For example, for "N" we made Ns with noodles and ate some of them, and for "P" we made, played with, and ate peanut butter play dough.
  • Get involved with the Nutcracker that our city puts on each year. It is time for my oldest to graduate from what I can teach her of ballet and actually perform on a bigger (literally and figuratively) stage. And perhaps I could dance in it as well...?
  • Enjoy each other! Whether it be watching movies, playing in our little pool outside, taking walks, riding bikes, going to neighbor's big pools, going to local parks, or just snuggling and reading books--we want to use our time with our children wisely!
  • Have a beach trip at least once a year. (check this one off for 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011)
  • Continue on with building family holiday traditions. Some that we have now: hiding and finding our filled stockings at Christmas, making a Christmas gift to take to all our neighbors, decorating the dining room for Valentines Day, and blowing out candles on our pancakes on birthday mornings.
  • Redo the kitchen by moving it into the current dining room. Make the current kitchen a mud room/laundry room. Add on to the house. (This is a five year maybe, but it's something I really want to do!)
  • Use a local homeschool tutorial until the kids are in 6th grade. During their middle school years homeschool as well as allow them to apprentice out to different trades one day a week. On the job skills training is such a great idea for middle schoolers!
  • Take a trip through the New England states visiting most of the major cities, the coast, and historical sites.
  • Rent an apartment in DC for a week and visit as many of the historical sites and museums there as we can.
  • Take a short term missions trip through our church as a family. The first one? Perhaps we could take our oldest two to Haiti in 2012??
  • Take a trip out west in a rented RV visiting Mt. Rushmore, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon, etc. (This may need to be two trips--we've talked about flying somewhere and renting an RV to make a big loop and then flying home.) This is something pricey, but I firmly believe that the best learning is doing, and seeing and doing these things as a family would be priceless!
  • This is my grande dream: during those middle school years mentioned above, we could read fiction, learn history, study languages, and study cultures from several European countries and then go there as a family. I've looked into VRBO (vacation rental by owner) options that are really quite reasonable. The main cost is getting there, and that's pretty ridiculous, but hey, I can dream, can't I?
So that's it for now. As you can see, I dream big, and just because we realize one dream isn't do-able, doesn't mean I can't replace it with three even bigger ones!
What are your dreams and goals for your family?
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  3. Europe is my grande dream, too. Love the list.

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