Monday, May 30, 2011

Water Play-Summer Fun

Today at the park as I was pouring my kiddos water in their cups, this precious little (1 or 2yo) daughter of a friend came up and asked for some with a pantomime and cute little noise. I gave her a cup and we laughed as she drank it and spilled it and splashed in what she spilled and giggled and then asked for more. Hoping her mother didn't need her completely dry, we obliged and were fascinated as she explored water a little more--with a bottle and a cap and a puddle and a few more cups and lots of smiles and giggles.
All of this made me remember how cheap I was when the oldest was little--I wouldn't buy her one of those kiddie pools because they were cheaper at the end of the season. But since I always forgot to buy them come fall, we would spend each summer without one. SO, I got creative. We pulled buckets outside and filled them with water. I got out spoons and bowls and cups and water toys and let her go to town. She would play until there was no water left and then I would fill the buckets again.
You know those $5 plastic ice buckets that you can get at Walmart? Those would make perfect water play areas. And full, they are too heavy to just dump out, which was always the problem when I tried to play this game with the boy.
Anyway, all of this reminiscing is just to say, play with water! Especially for the the 3 and under crowd, it is highly entertaining. Oh, and my favorite part of the playing with water thing? How fun it always was for the oldest to pour the water on my feet! Just a tiny spa moment in there for ya!
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  1. Definitely! My boys love water play!

  2. love this idea my daughter lives in a small place with a small backyard while they visit the park and lake this idea is perfect for them thanks for sharing come see me at and see what I shared