Friday, May 6, 2011

T-shirt Dresses

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that my mom is amazing. Her doll clothes and smocked dresses are for sale at and I've talked about her bracelets here. She has made a dress for me out of an old prom dress's skirt, a picnic table for the kids out of decking, and countless other things from wood and fabric for our family. 
For Easter, Mom bought the girls inexpensive t-shirts and attached fabric for skirts. They are simple, cute, and will be SO easy for traveling this summer. 
Faux smocking makes this one a little dressier for the oldest.
Instead of shorts and shirts for our two-week summer travel, I will be throwing in 10 or 12 of these kinds of dresses. Along with sandals, that will clothe the girls. No mix and match, no fuss, and very little laundry!
These two (that are sort of matching) for the oldest and youngest were what they chose to wear to church last Sunday. The layered skirts make the girls feel very dressy--even though they are just attached to simple t-shirts!


  1. I kept looking at your oldest on Monday, thinking, "Oh, she looks so cute!" Then I realized it was one of these dresses! Good work, Granna! :)

  2. What a cute idea! I make my girls wear shorts under their dresses, (no ladylike ladies in this house yet). So this would defeat the purpose, but definitely a great idea for travel. Have I heard about your 2 week summer travel? (I think I heard ideas?)

  3. keep meaning to do this! great job!

  4. These are super cute and I kind of want to make one for myself!!!

  5. Wow! gr8*** creation for the sweet little girls. I will also go for it as it suits my girls also. Good job buddy.

  6. I love those outfits. Your mom is very talented

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