Tuesday, May 24, 2011

GE Momsperience Blogging Conference Part #2

I don’t know why, but it’s always amazing to me that other cities are unique and destination-worthy. (I’m sure it’s part of my arrogance problem.) I recently was treated to a wonderful trip to Louisville, KY as part of a blogger’s conference hosted by GE. Now, I do think of places like New York City and Boston and Washington D.C. as very interesting places to visit, but Louisville, KY probably would not have made the list. This trip proved me wrong (imagine that!).
Here's a list of ten cool things I learned about Louisville:
in the KY Derby Museum
1. For one, Louisville is the home of the great Kentucky Derby. It is much akin to a religion there and the three or four weeks focused directly on the derby in April and May are only the times when the ardent worshipers pay their direct homage. 
2. Seriously, though, I learned a lot about it! Did you know, for instance, that a horse can only run in the derby if he is three years old? 
3. Did you know that the center of the track is a place of legends of crazy, alcoholic-induced antics? 
4. Did you know that the Friday before the actual derby is the time for the race called “The Oaks” and the day is very feminine-focused? Only the phillies run in The Oaks races and everyone wears pink in honor of breast cancer survivors and awareness. There is even a group of breast cancer survivors voted upon by the city to walk in a parade held that day. 
5. I also learned that a general admission price of $40 will give you the rights to go anywhere within the derby grounds on derby day. Since some people (who sit in a locally dibbed ‘millionaire’s row’) pay in the many thousands for their tickets, $40 is a pretty good deal. It does sound like a lot of fun.
metal tornado in
art exhibit at 21C
Does that car have feet? Yes!
It's art, people!
6. Then there are the other perks of Louisville-a great art community for instance. 
7. For the conference we bloggers stayed in a modern art museum. Literally, 21C is both motel and museum. 
8. We also visited the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft and saw the creative and beautiful arts of those who live nearby. 
9. Just down a block or two from 21C is the home of the Louisville Slugger, and to mark that a 68,000 pound baseball bat towering 120 above the street. 
10. For our family, a particular interest is one of the farm team’s of the STL Cardinals is also in Louisville. Cardinals are everywhere too since their university teams are the much adored Cardinals.
So if you live within driving distance, or just want a new and unique destination, I definitely recommend Louisville.
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  1. I learned a lot from this post! Sounds like a fun place to visit - and I would have never had it on a list either (no offense, Louisville)!