Sunday, May 29, 2011


Thankfully, God considered that last post a prayer. And, as always, 
He answered. 
Loud and clear in a place I wasn't expecting it, I heard this:
(and yes, I've quoted it here before!)
"Ho, Everyone who thirsts,
Come to the waters, 
And you who have no money,Come, buy and eat.
Yes, come buy wine and milk
Without money and without price." Is. 55
And later in the same chapter...
"For as the heavens are higher than the earth
So are My ways higher than your ways."
And throughout reading all of that, I heard Him whispering,
"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness 
and all these things hall be added to you." Mt. 6:33
So what is the answer for who we should listen to about parenting--
for how much is enough and how much is too much? THE answer!
The real answer is to come to Him
to seek Him.
That's it.
Nothing else is necessary.
In fact, if we want to do parenting His way, we have to know that His ways are SO much higher, so much more, than what anyone else says. So how do we satisfy such a God? 
Seek Him.
Come to Him.
And everything else will be added.
I know this.
I knew it when I was dizzy with the parenting voices of the world. 
I'll know it and probably forget it the next time I start to wonder too. 
Praise the Lord! 
He loves to remind me that the real answer is simple. 
Though I have no money, though I (and everyone else) will never understand Him completely, all I have to do is
Seek Him.
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  1. Whoa, I am really behind on your blog!

    Well, as you know, I struggle with this whole thing too. Yes, I *totally* think this is the answer! A constant looking to Him for what He wants for our families. I am also learning to closely study my children and am trying to take some cues from them as well....

  2. Visiting from Brag on God Friday's ... beautifully written, and so true! I am a mom of six grown children, and grama of nine sweet grandkids, and I totally agree with what you wrote. Seek God first of all ... the most important thing to do in mothering. And in all stages of life ... from Him flows everything that we need. I always need to remind myself of the same things as you wrote about ... so many voices, but His are life-giving.

  3. Beautiful post...loved the phrase "dizzy with the parenting voices of the world." I remember when my children were young. Advice flew all around me. I learned to search the Scriptures for my own answers.