Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have to admit I am at the frustrated stage with meals around here. I really love to be menu based in our meals, but every once in a while you just have to get creative (or experimental) with the stockpiles you have on hand. This was one of those months, and the food has been a little dreary.
1. Last night we had a lentil chicken mush that was incredibly yummy, but looked very, well, brown. I cooked dried lentils for about 30 minutes and drained them saving the broth. Then I mixed in leftover chicken and rice. Carrots, onions, and green peppers could also be added. I thickened the broth with flour and then added it into the mix as well. Like I said, it was yummy and the whole fam ate it, but it was not what I wanted to be serving on a hot spring day!
2. So, I still have a few more "use it or lose it" items. I have some tomatoes that must be used and some ground turkey that I've already thawed that need to be used. And, hurray! there's a can of black beans in the pantry. I'll make my own tortillas and spread them with ground beef cooked with taco seasoning mixed with black beans and tomatoes. I'll top it off with cheese, another tortilla and garnish with sour cream.
3. I have a stockpile of tuna, and this tuna lasagna recipe uses the word "elegant." That is enticing and this is something I've never tried with tuna.
4. I think I might be able to eat this cheesecake (even though I'm lactose intolerant)!! It is made with yogurt, and relatively good for you. I might want to add a layer of chocolate, though. : ) I do so love that chocolate. Maybe just some chocolate sauce poured over the top.
5. We're out of bread but have plenty of flour, so I'm going to take this opportunity to make these homemade bagels. They sound surprisingly easy as long as you remember to start the process the night before. We could have them spread with cream cheese for breakfast and maybe feature them with eggs and bacon for dinner as well.
6. I have most of the ingredients already for this vegetable pasta salad! This will use up frozen veggies and be a much more suitable meal for these warm days!
7. Here's my chocolate cake for the week--gotta have it in there! Chocolate Cobbler is an old favorite.
8. These cinnamon swirl pancakes sound heavenly, and we might just have them for a special breakfast sometime this week. All the ingredients are in my pantry and fridge, and I'll use this pancake recipe to make them (slightly) more healthy.
9. Okay, by this point I am extremely hungry and since the kiddos aren't up yet to eat breakfast, I'll keep typing out meal plans, but you can tell that I'm having to work really hard to focus on dinner!
10. I might just have to try this recipe just because of its name! Hedgehogs. What a wonderful name for meatballs! Do you guys know the personality animals? Some people are hedgehogs (they would rather hide than confront) and some people, ahem including yours truly, are rhinos. We charge into battle and rather enjoy most confrontation.
So there you go. Now I'm completely starving and I'll have to go settle for a bowl of cereal! Have a fun week of cooking, folks!
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  1. Don't think about the dreariness (actually, it looks like a yummy week to me!), but think about all that money you're saving!!!! :) you're doing your bank account a huge favor. ;)

  2. I love your creativity. You've inspired me to look around my pantry for ways I can use up extra food.