Thursday, March 17, 2011

Songs for Saplings 123

Remember how I've mentioned the wonderful music for Songs for Saplings before? (Here and Here and even did my first giveaway with their cds here!) Well, they've put out a new cd and I'm excited to introduce it! Everyone out there, please meet Songs for Saplings 123!
Would you like to get more up close and personal? Well, how about being able to download the first three songs for free? You won't even get through listening to the first song before you're clicking over to buy the whole album (for only $9!), I guarantee you!
Why do I love them so much?
Well, to tell you the truth, I am skeptical of all children's scripture music because well, frankly, it's written for children. It's simple and sometimes contrived and it works well to help children memorize scripture, but if it wasn't helping them do that, I wouldn't listen to it. But this music is folksy and well-written and has me singing along even when the children are doing other things! And oh, when I hear my 2yo walking around the house singing, "Who are the three persons of God? The three persons of God are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!" (from their Questions with Answers cds) my heart swells with wonder and gratefulness!
So jump right over to the Songs for Saplings shop and look around. You'll be impressed, I promise you! And don't forget to download your free music!
(All of the opinions are 100% mine. I'm receiving nothing from promoting these guys; I just really, really appreciate what they do!)

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