Sunday, March 20, 2011


lighthouse at the harbor in Nassau
Remember that 
gratefulness, joyfulness, and prayerfulness 
that I wanted our family to be defined by? 
Well, I'd like to add peacefulness to that mix as well.
And by peacefulness I don't mean la-la humming through life with nothing ever bothering me! 
I want to be a peacemaker. Our pastor spoke on Matthew 5:9 this morning
Blessed are the peacemakers,
For they shall be called sons of God. 
 Peacemaker Ministries tells us that we must 
not be "peace breakers" attacking peace
nor "peace fakers" avoiding conflict
nor "peace keepers" appeasing others
but true peace makers.
True peace comes only when someone dies. 
Our ultimate peace comes because Jesus died.
Guess who has to die if you want to be restored to and reconciled with those who are estranged?
Yep, you guessed it, you do.
I must die to myself if I hope to have true peace with others.
I must die to myself if there is to be true peace in our household. 
And I do not mean the appeasing kind of peace that says, 
"Okay I'll do whatever you want, just give me some peace!"
I mean the kind of peace making that stops whatever I'm doing to
or kiss the scratch
or hear the story
or read the book
or make a little love note
or pour a cup of water
This is going to be something I am learning my whole life long, but I would love for it to be in our list of defining qualities as a family. 
Lord, let us be


  1. Ah, yes. Living for Jesus right here, where we are. Right here, with our families. The daily laying down. Hourly. Minutely? ;) Second by second. This calling makes me cling to Jesus, and I know it does the same for you. Ahem, actually, I'm being called right now to lay down my desire to keep typing and go get a little someone something to eat. ;)

  2. Peacefulness! Love this post...and am adding it to my family (and personal, most-definitely) goals.

    Your inspiration Makes My Monday. Thanks so much for linking up, Olivia!