Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting To Know Of Such is the Kingdom

So what does this little blog have to offer? 
Here's a reference to help you 
navigate the vast depths of 
Of Such is the Kingdom! 
(definitely said with a small smirk!)
If you enjoy Of Such is the Kingdom on a regular basis, 
would you be kind enough take a second to leave me a comment? 
(Even if you have to click over from an email; come on, it only takes a second!)
Pretty please?



  1. I've been on a bit of bloggy reading, posting & commenting hiatus. But, I'm making my way back AND am here to say that I enjoy Of Such is the Kingdom!!!

    Happy Monday and congrats on the win!!!

  2. Nice way to organize for the navigators! =D

  3. ALL Monday Makers...the lot of them!

    THank you so much for playing along, Olivia!

  4. yay for your blog!

  5. You have 249 followers and 4 comments? (well, 5 now). What in the WORLD? Hello...tap tap this thing on...?