Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Pacifier

So last Saturday was D-day, get rid of the pacifier day. We talked a lot about our romantic method of separating girl from pacifier before the day. We were going to let it go with balloons. We spent all day getting said little girl very tired--we went swimming at the Y, out to lunch, to Sams, and to BiLo. We came home from BiLo with three lovely helium balloons. We readied a prepared, celebratory cake and then attached the pacifier to the balloons and went outside to do the deed. 
The youngest seemed remarkably unaffected by the whole affair. 
She released the balloons with very little emotion. And we all oohed and ahed as they floated away...

And immediately got stuck in a tree!
What a way to end a moment! The hubby had to pop the balloons with a little fancy gun-work, but the pacifier will hang there as long as the tree shall live.
We went inside for the cake and celebrated the youngest being such a big girl. The first two nights the youngest did great! Then a certain boy found an old infant paci hidden in a drawer and gave it to her. The momma had to take it away and that caused a lot more consternation than the original balloon ordeal! The next two nights were a little harder, but I'm happy to announce that everyone (to my knowledge) slept well the last few nights.
Oh, and by the way, when the youngest tells the story, she usually says something like, "Balloons popped and I'm a big girl and daddy had a gun and my pacifier is in the tree for the baby birds." I hope I'm always there to interpret!


  1. Love the big girl version of the story :) We will be looking to find a way to launch our big girl's soothers soon as well... may have to steal this one :)

  2. That was a good idea....too bad it got stuck in the tree. But all was well in the end.

    I remember one night in particular when my youngest cried so hard...I actually went to the store in the middle of the night to buy another paci.

  3. I love her version of the story. Congrats to your Big Girl!!

  4. Priceless! Generosity is ALWAYS a Monday Maker!
    Here's to big girls and lucky birds!

  5. Visiting from Natural Parents Network!

    What a creative solution! And to think of the baby birds, too. A child's perspective is a wonderful thing. :-)

  6. This is a fantastic idea. I would've loved to do this when it was time for our youngest's binky to go bye-bye!!

  7. LOL, the last paragraph really got me. What a creative way to get rid the pacifier!