Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fashion Wednesday #7 (To Prepare For Travel)

To celebrate ten years of marriage, the hubby and I are planning a cruise. You know, sleep, read, be fed (not have to cook) and see beautiful beaches? Yep! I can't wait!! To get ready, I'm beefing up my beachy wardrobe. Here are the newest acquisitions. And yes, I'm breaking a few rules with this one: do you see how short this dress is? That is definitely different for me! It's fine for the beach, but I think for church, I'll probably put my flowy black skirt underneath. 
And yes, another rule I'm breaking is showing off neon legs in February (on the blog, nonetheless!) 
Also on the docket (so far) for the trip (you'll see all of these in later weeks):
1. striped knit dress, small sweater and cute belt to match
2. purple skirt, green tank, blue jean jacket, gold belt and gold platform sandals
3. ruffly black sun dress
4. new navy "cocktail" dress that my mom made from an old prom dress's skirt
5. sarong that matches my new "grown up" swim suit and can be worn as a dress, a skirt, or a swimsuit cover-up


  1. It's such a pretty pattern.. have fun on the cruise, I'm so jealous! and congrats on the 10 years too, I'll be at 5 this summer, time flies!!

  2. I don't think it's short at all. In fact, it's the perfect length! Have a great time on your cruise!

  3. I love your dress! For church just throw on some leggings or colored tights. You look adorable. I'm so jealous of your cruise :)

  4. Love it! And hey, nothing wrong with sun-free legs in February ;)

  5. That is a beautiful dress. Have fun on your cruise!
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  6. I think that's great! I hope you have a wonderful trip? No kids or you'll be on diaper duty!

    Very nice dress!

  7. How fun!! And I can't wait to see all your other cruise outfits. We should do a leg-glow comparison. I bet I'd win. :)

    Visiting from Hobo Mama and Natural Parents Network!

  8. How adorable is that dress? You've definitely got the legs to wear it, lady.
    And your big floppy hat is beach MUST!