Friday, February 4, 2011

DVD Shelf Project

I know there is supposed to be something called "Spring Cleaning" and maybe we'll have that and maybe we won't, but I usually do get a little fire in my pants for cleaning out the house after the influx of Christmas toys. This year the attic and all of the closets and drawers were on my list. Maybe I'll show you the attic (which looks pretty doggone good compared to the end of last year!) next week, but today I want to share a little shelf.
We got a new tv for Christmas--finally upgraded to the fancy, schmanzy high def pizzaz. We had to get rid of our lovely cabinet that closed the old tv away from the family room. The new tv now sits on a chest until we can get a cabinet for it. So, that left the DVDs with no home. Fortunately I was cleaning out closets and found a shelf that my brother built for my oldest quite a while ago. It was unique with a decorative trim. It had a shelf on top with two small drawers underneath. I forgot to take a "before" pic of the shelf, so you'll have to settle for just seeing the two old drawers. The bottom part of the shelf was a very tall opening. So, the hubby took out the drawers, rearranged the shelves a bit, and I spray painted the whole thing a shiny black. It had been a very, very light pink.
And there you have it, a perfect DVD shelf! 
When I put it in the family room, the space above it looked very empty, so I headed up to the newly organized attic. And what would you believe that I found? A large frame and an old painting of my dad's. (Is that right, dad, or did one of your old art students do it?) The frame had a mat with cutouts for smaller pictures. I just cut around the edge so that it was a simple large-frame mat and inserted the painting. and again, there was a perfect, frugal re-do for that empty space.
And the total cost for scattered DVDs and empty space to organized, beautiful shelf and painting? $2 for the spray paint! 

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  1. Wow! Good job, guys! I love the trim on the top of the shelf. Very pretty. :)