Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top 10 Top 10 Recipes

This week we'll be eating out of the freezer and stockpile, partly since we had eight inches of snow, live on a mountain, don't have salted roads, and the temp. is not supposed to get above freezing. (We live in the south, folks, so this is unusual and kinda fun when it happens.)
All of that to say that I won't be using any new and unusual recipes for the fam this week, so I will give you the top ten top ten recipe posts from Of Such is the Kingdom. Why not bookmark this page and consider it a gift of an online cookbook (more than 100 tried and true recipes) from Of Such is the Kingdom to you!
1. Ten Recipes: This includes family favorites cheeseburger buns, shrimp salad, and grits casserole. Yum!
2. Ten Top Fall Meals: This is the post where I reveal the not-so-secret recipe of Olivia's Chocolate Chip Cookies. You don't want to miss these melt in your mouth, relatively good-for-you cookies!
3. Top Ten Summer Recipes: Smoothies, Ice Cream, and Home made Kids Meals make this a chilly but yummy list.
4. Fun Food Week: Let it be known that I do hang loose about food once in a while! This week the kids had ice cream every day and they made their own mac and cheese.
5. November Food: Black beans and rice and chicken and dumplings are both on this list. This is a more-than-ten recipe list!
6. Ten Great Uses for those Holiday Leftovers: I'll be referring to this one this week for the ones things I haven't made from it yet--15-bean soup, turkey pot pie, and more ham recipes. The rest we've already tried and they are very yummy!
7. Top Ten Christmas Cookies: Mint cookies, snickerdoodles, oatmeal drop cookies, Olivia's Breakfast Cookies... Cookies are a favorite any time and this is a list of my very most favorites. I like cookies so much that I have worked hard (on some of the recipes) to make them a little more healthy (so I can eat more them without feeling so guilty!)
8. Ten Top Savory Appetizers: This is a great
 go-to when you need that yummy little something to bring to a party!
9. Top Ten Holiday Sides: Try these sides anytime you need a little bit of extra with your meal. When I'm just baking/grilling the meat, I like to some pizzaz in the sides.
10. Ten Best Pumpkin Recipes: I love pumpkin! And who wouldn't when you can make rolls, cookies, stew, muffins, casserole and waffles!
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  1. So many delicious things to check out...i always enjoy your top 10. Thanks for sharing them w/ the hearth and soul hop this week :D

  2. OK YUM. Those Christmas Cookies are calling to me!!


  3. Wow, I thought your Linky name (top 10 top 10) was a little typo. That's a lot of recipes and a lot of experimentation. Even though it's cold out, I'm eying those summer recipes.

  4. You always make me so hungry!!!! We're struggling over here because we're out of cheese. Who cares about milk and bread?! =D

  5. I live in Durham, NC and we are having another storm here too. The weather is crazy. I'm I've been making more than we can eat and freezing meals just for occasions like this. And I'm very, very glad that we still have power!
    Hope you don't get too stir crazy. I know we will be able to get out and about soon.
    visiting from Tuesday Twister.

  6. Looks like a great list of recipes - what a great idea to have them all organized into categories like that. Thanks so much for linking up to Tasty Tuesdays.