Monday, January 3, 2011

Otherwise Known as New Year's Resolutions

a snowman the boy built all
by himself in the AL snow
I'm not one for jumping on bandwagons, but I can't help noticing all the bloggy New Years resolutions--and want to join in. Some call them "challenges," some "goals," and others just "lists." I'll go ahead and let mine be resolutions--but please know that these are ideals, hopes, and dreams and they are things I know God will be working on in me for a lifetime. Come 2012, they will still be on my list!
**This year I may I know and love my Lord in a new and fresh way. I want to pray, to listen, to read, and to really live daily, moment-by-moment with Him. I want my identity to be wrapped up in Him, which will (I pray) lead straight to the next resolution.
**This year may I be willing to love by losing. Whatever, whenever, and however. In a third-world country this might come by losing freedoms or even life, but here in this country, it becomes a little more subtle--I want to be willing to lose quiet time, time with the hubby, peace, a clean house, time for myself, good food (the fam does so love fast food), money for myself... I want to be willing to lose "face" which is a Chinese way of saying I want to humble myself before others.   I want to be willing give up my own way in any situation, and ultimately, do it without even thinking about it--at first I am sure that I will be giving myself pats on the back and martyr ribbons (I am sure you know the drill) but someday (before heaven, please Lord?) I would like to be able to lose without even thinking about it.
**This year may I love by giving myself and others more grace. Humans are humans and without the Holy Spirit, I am nothing but a human as well. Do you know those 5-hour energy drinks? I have laughed with my hubby about how much we need a line of 5-hour fruits of the spirit (ha)! Can you imagine being able to down a 5-hour Peace, or a 5-hour Self-control? The one that I could use the most would be a 5-hour Grace!
**This year may I love and enjoy my family and my house and all the gifts I have been given! May I be thankful and may that thankfulness spill over into a blossoming joy that touches all that I know.
I have the practical ones too, I need to get right on writing the curriculum for the marketplace vbs our church will be putting on at the end of June. I really need to get the baby care curriculum that is already written ready for the publisher. I need to be better about scheduling time with friends and family. I need to de-clutter our closets and cabinets. But if I do all those things without love, then they are worthless!
So for what it's worth, here's another blogger's new year's resolutions!
Happy New Year!
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  1. Beautiful resolutions! Thank you for sharing.... =D

  2. Olivia, I LOVE and RESPECT ALL of your resolutions/goals!

    Wishing you happiness, peace and grace in their pursuit. :)

    They---and you---Make My Monday! Thank you for playing along!

  3. These sound like really solid and grounded resolutions.
    Love it.

  4. Sounds like a perfect way to start the new year. Thanks so much for linkin up to project smile. Wishing you many more smiles in the days ahead...