Monday, January 10, 2011

On a Snow Day...

On a snow day, we wake up eager to see how much of the white gift God has left us over night.
On a snow day, we eat a yummy breakfast all together as a family. (#9 from this list)
On a snow day, we snuggle on the couch and watch a funny movie.
On a snow day, we make a fire in the fireplace and keep it going all day long.
On a snow day, we let the poor, cold dog inside!
On a snow day, we get bundled up and go outside and PLAY!!
On a snow day we return inside to huddle by the fire and sip hot chocolate.
And on a snow day, if we run out of toys to play with, we might just use some window chalk to draw all over all the windows.
On a snow day, when the snow is piled up to 8 inches outside, the hubby has to stay home. : )
Do I even need to say it? I love snow days!


  1. happy snow day to you and yours! =D we just came in from snow angels and are sippin' hot chocolate ourselves. i'm just lovin' all these snowflakes!

  2. This is a serious snow day too! I wouldn't start our fire until I finished my exercises. =) I cannot believe the amount of snow we've had this winter! It has been so cold too! We've gone through so much wood...I looove it. Stay warm and stay safe. Say a prayer for those who have to drive on those treacherous roads.

  3. I love the beauty and poetry of your snow day...and now you've immortalized it so wonderfully!

    Thank you for Making My Monday by playing along!

  4. Who knew you'd get a whole week? Awesome, right??

    When flurries started this morning again, I looked out the window and had to remind myself I'm STILL in Chattanooga. It's too crazy!
    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!