Friday, January 28, 2011

Lee: A Man to Admire

Reading has and always will be my favorite frugal way to entertain myself and my children. Here's another review of a book that will frugally entertain!
Growing up in the Heart of Dixie, Lee was always a name revered in my house. But I never got to know him really 'til I married a (southern at heart) boy who is fascinated with all things about the "War Between the States." There is so much misrepresented about this time period in our country's history in our public school history texts. That statement may get me in trouble with some of my readers, but think about it! It's true! A history text can't possibly cover everything, and what is left out is sometimes calculated and very important. Lee: A Life of Virtue fills in some of the gaps that a normal history text would never fill.
Lee was definitely a man to admire! He was a man of faith, a man of family, and a man of country. When his own state desired to stand apart from the nation, he had to make a difficult choice. He was against slavery, but also understood that the emancipation of slaves must, for the sake of the slaves being able to learn trades and independence, come gradually.
I definitely recommend his story for those high school home schoolers who would like to dig deeper into a real man who lived with his own real beliefs and choices. Unlike some history texts, this one will give you plenty to think about from a moral standpoint!
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